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и снова про поручиков

Пуручик Ржевский попал в Викпедию:

Poruchik Rzhevsky

Poruchik Rzhevsky is a cavalry (hussar) officer. In the aristocratic setting of high-society balls and 19th century social sophistication, Rzhevsky, famous of brisk but not very smart remarks, keeps ridiculing the decorum with his vulgarities. In the jokes, he's often seen interacting with characters from the novel War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy. The name is borrowed from a character from a popular 1960s comedy, Hussar Ballad (Russian - "Гусарская баллада"), bearing little in common with the folklore hero.

* Kniaz Obolenski asks Poruchik Rzhevsky: "Tell me, Poruchik, how come you're so good with the ladies? What's your secret!" / "It's quite simplement, Kniaz, quite simplement. I just come over and say: 'Hey, wanna fuck?'" / "But Poruchik, you'll get slapped in the face for that!" / "Oui, most of them slap, but some of them fuck!"

* Poruchik Rzhevsky asks his aide: "Stepan, there is a grand ball tonight. Got any new puns for me to tell there?" — "Sure, sir, how about this rhyme: 'Adam had Eve... right on the eve... of their very last day in the Eden...'" — "That's a good one!". Later, at the ball: "Messieurs, messieurs! My Stepan taught me a funny chanson ridicule: 'Adam fucked Eve at dawn...' Pardon, not like that... 'Adam and Eve fucked through the night ...' Er... Hell, basically they fucked, but it was absolutement splendid in the verse!"

* "Colonel," Poruchik Rzhevsky asked, "What were your main hobbies when you were younger?" "Hunting and women," said the colonel." "What were you hunting?" "Women."

* Poruchik Rzhevsky puts his clothes on and is about to leave a girl he met the day before. "Hey, what about the money?" she asks. Rzhevsky turns around and proudly says: "We Hussars do not take money!"

Перевод текста предоставляется читателям в качестве самостоятельного упражнения

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